Ever wonder how easy it could be to access a car if you didn’t have to go through an office?

We Did.


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Launching in New York in January and in Boston in 2020

More cities coming soon.







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Access a car for half the price of a rental, without the hassle of an office.

Step 1

Create an account on the app. Upload your driver's license. Choose when and where you pick up, drop off and for how long you need the car.


Caramel app home screen

Step 2

Add friends.
Choose if they drive, pay, or both.


Caramel app add friends screen

Step 3

Get to the dedicated spots at the time of your pick up, choose a car and check for damage.


Caramel app select car screen

Step 4

Open the selected car with your phone – keys are inside and you're good to go.


Caramel app unlock car screen

Step 5

During your trip, any selected user can open the car and see where it is. Once your trip is done, park the car at the drop off spot and you're done.


Caramel app on trip out of car screen

No subscription fee. No membership fee.

Whichever car you choose, distance you drive, number of drivers you have, it’s the same price

$79 per day$19 per hour

How are we different?

Select car icon

You don’t choose your car through pictures when you book, you choose it when you arrive.

Parked car icon

Cars are in dedicated parking spots, to pick up just get there, choose one, and open it with the app.

Office work icon

No lines, papers, office hours, waits, or hidden fees.

Multiple drivers icon

Add up to 4 drivers for free. Cost split is automatically among users.

Unlock icon

Any user in your rental can open the car at anytime and locate it.

Modify trip icon

Need to shorten, extend, or change drop off location? It’s one tap.

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